The best way to become a better golfer isn’t just by practicing and playing more golf! Whaaaat????  Hitting more and more balls is not the most efficient way, in fact it will at some point work against you by robbing your athleticism and creating imbalances leading to long term problems and injury!  You know you need to workout anyway—why not help your golf game at the same time?

Improving your golf fitness and overall athleticism will raise your potential to become a better player while keeping you healthy.   I want you to be functionally strong with no weaknesses. I want to you to be able to do whatever your golf pro asks you to do-immediately!  I want you to not feel pain, to play an entire round, tournament, and season with ease!  I want you to feel like an athlete that plays golf.

An efficient powerful golf swing is an incredibly athletic move requiring a combination of mobility/stability, strength, balance, and power. It takes about 1/5th of a second to go from the top of the swing accelerate to 100 mph and back to 0!  A golfer will benefit the most from a healthy and efficient body.

TPI Assessments AND Performance Training

The most efficient swing is not the same for every golfer, because efficiency is unique to their body.  To achieve an efficient swing a golfer must first be screened.  This screen involves an assessment of  physical fitness, movement quality, current health and history


Normal joint range of motion and proper flexibility is a must for proper mechanics and to prevent injury.  Mobility is the base for efficient power production


The ability to keep one part of your body secure while stretching and contracting adjacent segments.  This allows the golfer to generate speed and maintain posture throughout the golf swing.


Golfers need to work their body through multiple planes of movement using the proper muscles and proper sequencing.  Not only do golfers need to increase muscle strength but also improve the way they work together


Balance and body awareness is critical for the golfer.  Every shot is different every lie is different.  Each situation requires the body to respond and adjust.  The better your balance is the less you have to do to maintain your center of gravity over a base of support.


To hit the ball far you need to be able to contract your muscles fast and explosive.  Training for power is fun but must be done with proper form and sequencing.  The prerequisite for power is all of the proceeding components.  Training to train for power is imperative!