Junior golfers

Perhaps the most important thing for a Junior Golfer to do is play a second sport.  For most serious golfers this just isn't an option.  Our workouts are not just golf specific but also act as a second sport.  We first and foremost are safe and have fun. 

Golf is a very repetitive sport, therefore we need to take time to undo the damage to our bodies and balance it out--a balanced body simply performs more efficiently and therefore stays healthier.  

We focus on stability first, we must have a stable base before anything else.  Many times mobility issues will clean up when the player becomes more stable and is using the correct muscles with proper movement patterns.  Then we have fun, we do things that we did as kids, run, jump, climb, kick, throw, hit, fall down, get up, crawl etc etc.  Each of these play events are fun and extremely important for a juniors overall and golf development.